Jennifer and Matt are super sweet! They are the kind of people you instantly feel comfortable with. I knew when we met that working together would be a great match. We went into the city to Central Park last Friday which turned out to be like a summer day, and after the rainy week we had everyone was out and the everything was blooming beautifully. It was a perfect day for their engagement session. We strolled around the park soaking it all in and making gorgeous images of these two lovebirds, who I might add are just so cute together. It was a really fun afternoon. They will be getting married in September at Macari Vineyards in Mattituck. I can’t wait! Here are some of my favorites to share:

Weeping Cherry and coupleCentral Park Esession

  • Matt Albertson - Pictures came out great and we had a blast during the shoot! Thank you Sherry for making it such an enjoyable experience and for taking such exceptionally beautiful photographs. You’re very talented and it definitely shows in your work! Thanks again!

  • Dad Albertson - The photos look great. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Love you guys.

  • Jerry Perez - Very nice pictures. Great scenery!

  • Greaney - Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful couple. Hard to pick a favorite. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pics!!!

  • Ron G - Omg! Amazing!!! Sooo many great shots. You two looks so happy. And Jen you look so beautiful. So many picturesque scenes, you guy had great photographer . Congratulations guys !

  • Jessica n rich zerr - We both love your picture and we can’t wait for wedding. You guys look perfect together! So happy for you guys!

  • Kristal Addison - The pictures are beautiful! But that’s no surprise because the couple is beautiful!! Love the quality of pics

  • Valentino D - These pictures are EPIC!!

  • Lauren Fischer - Beautiful couple!

  • Albert - The most beautiful pictures

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Dena and Craig are truly one of the most relaxed couples I have ever worked with and they both have a wonderful sense of humor and go with the flow attitude. They chose the beautiful Macari Vineyards to get married at and were hoping for a gorgeous Fall day, unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for them. However that did not stop them from having an amazing time celebrating their love with the most important people in their lives by their sides. It was a perfect day.

They have a super cute story of how they met. Here is Dena’s words about that: “We met while I was working retail years back… he came into my store and he said to himself  “I have to know who that girl is”. He was wearing a sweatshirt of a band that very few people know about… I mentioned it and he was taken a back. A week later he bought me their new album and put his phone number inside lol.”  He was pretty smooth in my opinion.

A special thank you to my talented friend Lisa Nicolosi for second shooting with me. Here are a few of my favorites from their day to share:




The talented vendors involved:

Venue: Macari Vineyards

Caterer/Cake: East End Events

Dj: Tommy Tunes

Wedding Dress: Panache Bridals

  • Dena - <3

  • Samantha Kwiatkowski - Sherry–these pictures came out amazing from the perspective of the maid of honor. You were also so amazing that day–working so hard to get every shot and finding ways to make the photos perfect despite the weather. If ever get married in NY you are my absolute first choice. Thank you for making Dena’s memories of her wedding day last forever.

  • Sherry - Samantha this means the world to me. I know exactly why you and Dena are best friends. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out whenever I needed it. You are one of a kind! P.s. I don’t just work in NY 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  • GG - Wow – these are beautiful! You did such a great job capturing Dena and Craig’s wedding. It was such a fun wedding to be a part of and you certainly captured that 🙂

  • Dad - May all your dreams come true love u guys Dad

  • Angela - Beautiful photos

  • Melissa Licari - these are absolutely gorgeous!!! you are the perfect bride… handsome groom too! amazing pictures!!!!

  • Francine Kwiatkowski - Agreed – captured memories of a beautiful day.

  • Francine Kwiatkowski - Like!!!

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Stefanie and Nick chose to have an intimate ceremony with only their immediate families at the beautiful Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast in Southold. It was about the love between them and was a sweet ceremony filled with big smiles and lots of love. Stefanie’s face absolutely lights up when she looks at Nick. They are just perfect together.
Here are Stefanie’s words on how their love story came about: “We actually met on I emailed him first we exchanged emails and texts and then went on our first date on September 25th, 2014 at a wine bar called City Cellar. We made plans to go on a second date to go apple picking while we were on our first date. Haha. And the rest is history. We got married two years to the day of our first date.”
Here are a few of my favorites to share:
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When I first met with Amy and Joe I instantly liked them. They have that fun spunky kind of love for each other and it’s quite evident that they belong together. They chose the beautiful Dering Harbor Inn on Shelter Island to have their wedding. It was a day filled with love, with their families and closest friends by their sides. One of my favorite moments of the day was when all the children in the wedding party gave them a special gift from them all. An a amzing blanket with all their original artwork on it. It was the sweetest! The celebration was full of great food, friendships and dancing the night away!

Joe tells their love story perfectly:  “I met Amy during my visit to Stony Brook for an on-campus interview. I traveled from Illinois where I was in graduate school to Long Island for a job interview at Stony Brook. It was the first time I had been on Long Island. I flew in for 24 hours got a whirlwind tour of the campus and was introduced to Amy. My guide at the time told me that Amy was the person to know because “she gets shit done around here.” When I met her, I thought she was cute, and I think I made a mental note that she was very tall. I also quietly asked myself who the hell wears jean capris and flip-flops to the office…

I left NY very unsure if I was going to get the job or if I was going to take it. I was thrilled about the idea of moving to NY I just wasn’t excited about the idea of Long Island (this remains true to this day.) Either way, I settled back into my life as a graduate student and prepared to defend my thesis and take my comprehensive exams. Then, I got a call that I got the job, and I accepted and planned to move to the east coast.

When I arrived on campus, I was reintroduced to Amy who completed personnel paperwork for me. I remembered her being very nice. However, she had plenty of comments to make about why someone would ever pack their stuff up and relocate across the country. It was very clear when talking to Amy that she always got what she wanted and was not ashamed to let the world know this!

What I liked most about moving to NY was that Stony Brook was in the midst of a significant expansion and there were a bunch of new staff members who were hired around my age, and similarly situated in life. This meant that I always had a group of people to socialize with after work. Amy was among the group of people I hung out with after work. I had a tremendous amount of fun during my first few years at Stony Brook. It was a new environment, and I was meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. This was when I started to get to know Amy…

Looking back I laugh at my first observations of her; I thought for sure that Amy came from a huge family and had many brothers and sisters. Whenever she told a story about her family, it began with her talking about her Niece or how Aunt Amy had to buy someone a gift. Little did I know that she was an only child. She also somehow seemed to go to a wedding every weekend. I remember thinking who the hell knows this many people!

Alright, I think I’ve laid down enough foundation…let’s get to the good stuff! So we fast forward. During this period, I dated several girls, and I think Amy dated several guys as well. I seem to remember meeting one of them (he wasn’t very impressive.)

So at some point, I thought it would be a good idea for Amy and me to hang out. I remember working up the nerve to ask her to do something and she shot me down. I found it interesting because we always spent time in a large group setting. So I knew that she had a thing for me. Why else would she not want to go on a date? I also remember how awkward she acted when I did ask her to go out. It was as if she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. So every opportunity I had to embarrass her by asking her to go on a date I did it just to be a jerk.

During this time Amy’s mom was very ill. I can’t remember how it happened but at some point, Amy decided that it was ok to hang out with me. So she would come over and watch the Yankees play, and we would sit on separate couches and look at the game then she would leave. As cute as I think Amy is her awkwardness during these baseball dates was simply unbearable! However, she kept coming back, and I kept opening the front door for her.

Amy’s mom took a turn during this time and was placed into a Rehab facility very close to my apartment. Amy would visit her every night after work and then would come over to my apartment, and we would have dinner together, and we would watch baseball and hang out. Things became a little less awkward we began sitting on the same couch together at this point. I could tell it was a difficult time for her. Her mother was very ill. I’m not the emotional type, and I didn’t know how to support her during this period, so I just tried to be a consistent presence for when she wanted to drink beer and watch baseball. If she wanted to sit on another couch and look at the game, she knew that I would always be on the other couch. Now we fast forward, and I can’t keep her away from me!”

Oh and we need to add in Amy’s story too:

“My recollection of our story is pretty similar although I’m not sure I would say I dated several people… I’d say more like two, lol!
Joe and I built a friendship over the 4 years we worked together (before we started dating).  He often pushed me out of my comfort zone and while that REALLY frustrated me, it forced me to learn new things about myself.  He was like no one else in my life (and as he mentioned, I knew a lot of people)!
He’s right about one thing….  After several requests for a first date, he eventually wore me down and quickly found a special place in my heart while being there for me during a very difficult time in my life.  He always could (still can) make me smile/laugh even when he was acting like a “jerk”.
We continued to work together while dating for another couple of years before Joe decided to go back to school to become a lawyer. When Joe was accepted to the University of Illinois Law School there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I’d miss him like crazy… however, I was also sure that our relationship was strong enough to survive the distance. It’s been 2+ years that we’ve been apart and as hard as it’s been I know it’s made us stronger. If we can get through this we can get through anything!
He has less then a year to go now… and I’m counting the days to graduation so that we can finally live in the same time zone again.”

A special thank you to my talented friend Sebastian for being there to second shoot with me:

The talented vendors involved:

Venue: Dering Harbor Inn

Caterer: Christopher Michael Catering

Florist: Flowers by Liz

Cake: Leanne’s Specialty Cakes

Musicians/Band: Atomic Funk Project

  • Joe M Robinson Sr. - Joe & Amy much Love and joy to you both.
    An absolutely awesome wedding and reception!

  • Sydney J. - Gorgeous, what a perfect venue and a perfect day! Love you both

  • Sadie Robinson - The wedding was very beautiful and we had a great time celebrating with you! I wish you both the best in the years to come!
    Love you both,

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Photographing this wedding was near and dear to my heart as Jarett and Carolann are the son and daughter-in-law of one of my closest friends and they really are a sweet couple. They had their ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Southold followed by a gorgeous reception at Founders Landing. They had beautiful details made by Jarett’s mother and their families and friends all pitched in to make everything perfect. My favorite moment of the day was when they were cutting the cake, or should I say we thought they were cutting the cake, instead they just kept looking at each other with such love and then they would kiss and then do the same thing again, then finally everyone was like “Are they cutting the cake?” It was adorable! It was a truly magical day in every way!

Here is Carolann’s version of how they met: “We met at a mutual friends house on a snow day or some random day off from school when I was in 9th grade and he was in 10th grade. The next day in school we realized we had lunch together and became quick friends instantly. It wasn’t until the summer before my senior year and his freshman year of college that we started dating and the rest is history”

A special thank you to my good friend Lisa Nicolosi for second shooting with me once again. Here are a few of my favorites to share:

The talented vendors involved:

Caterer: Noah’s

Florist: Mattituck Florist

Cake: Courtney’s Sweet Tooth

Dj: Make Some Noise Dj’s

Makeup: Rebecca Neese

Hair: Kerry Conrardy

Photobooth: North Fork Photobooth Co.

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