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North Fork Proposal Photographer-Michael’s Surprise Proposal to Jenna!-Sparkling Pointe Winery-Southold, NY-5/11/18

Michael surprised Jenna with a sweet proposal at the beautiful Sparkling Pointe in Southold. He took her for a walk

North Fork Proposal Photographer-A Sneak Peek from Michael’s Surprise Proposal to Jenna!-Sparkling Pointe-Southold, NY-5/11/18

Being able to photograph North Fork Proposals makes me a happy woman. When Michael reached out to me telling me he

North Fork Proposal Photographer-Chris proposes to Sarah at Truman’s Beach and she says YES!-East Marion, NY-4/7/18

Being a North fork portrait photographer, surprise proposals are my favorite thing! Chris brought Sarah out to the

Man proposing to love of his life

North Fork Proposal Photographer-Chris proposes to Sarah! She says YES!-Truman’s Beach-Orient, NY-4/7/18

It may have been a chilly and breezy Spring day but it could not have been more special for Chris and Sarah, as he took

New York Proposal Photographer-Mark surprises Wendy with a Rockefellar Center Christmas Proposal! She said yes!-New York, NY-12/22/17

It’s kind of crazy how small a world it really is. Mark who lives in Seattle, WA (one of my most favorite places

Rockefellar Center proposal

New York City Proposal Photographer-Mark proposes to Wendy and she says YES! A Sneak Peek!-Rockefellar Center, NY-12/22/17

Mark and Wendy live in Seattle, WA and were coming to New York City for a few days to vacation and see the Nutcracker.