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Jaime and Abbey’s Portrait session

I always love photographing families especially when its an annual thing, it is so nice to see how the children change and blossom into such different people in such a short time!  Well Jaime and Abbey are two little girls that I get that chance with, and I enjoy photographing them so, they each have a different fun personality which makes the session that more interesting.  This time we just hung out at their home in their beautiful backyard, played, went in to hang with Daddy and ended with a relaxing art project that Mom and Jaime did together.  The cutest thing was when Mom was drawing the sun and Jaime said “Mom the sun does not have lines sticking out of it, it is just round”, yes only from the mouth of a little girl entering Kindergarten.  She is right though:) Enough of my babble, here are some photos to share!




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