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North Fork Wedding Photographer-Katie and Andy’s Martha Clara Wedding-Riverhead, NY-7/15/17

I have known Katie’s family for sometime, as we have been in the same circles out here on the North Fork. When her Mom contacted me, before Katie and Andy even got engaged, I was quite flattered and very excited to be a part of their upcoming wedding day celebration.

They got married on a beautiful summer day out here on the east end at Katie’s family church, Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mattituck, and celebrated with their closest family and friends at the gorgeous Martha Clara Vineyards. The dancing went on all evening to the tunes of Peat Moss and the Fertilizers. It was an amazing day in every way.

They have a very sweet love story I must say. Here it is below in Katie’s words:

“Andy and I first met in August of 2011 at the University of Dayton. I vividly remember the beginning of our sophomore year when Andy walked into a dorm meeting late wearing yellow shorts and a button down pink shirt. I thought “this guy resembles pink lemonade.” He further caught my attention when he introduced himself as being from Long Island, a rare find in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to personally introduce ourselves to one another that evening.

A few weeks passed and my roommate mentioned that she had met a guy from Long Island that lived in our building. Without hesitation she then added that she had invited him and his roommates over for drinks that evening. Both Andy and I remember that evening very clearly and in the exact same way. We both had an immediate interest in each other. We spent hours together talking of home and just sharing our stories with each other. As he was leaving that evening, I boldly asked Andy for his number. We both knew we would be seeing each other again.

Andy and I remained friends for many months during that year. Springtime came and we were spending all of our free time together. It became obvious to our friends and family that we both had a very strong interest in one another. On April 1st, 2012 I asked Andy the uncomfortable question, “What are we?” to which Andy replied “let’s do this.” From that day on, we have been an inseparable couple. It was very obvious to both of us that we wanted this relationship to be ongoing. In fact, only 11 days into officially becoming a couple, while taking a walk through campus, we discussed how the name Katie Killeen had a nice ring to it.

Andy and I continued to build very special memories at the University of Dayton. We both like to think of those years as our happiest. Somehow we both knew there were many more happy years to come. Post-graduation we chose to begin our teaching careers in New York City, closer to home, our families and the beach. It was not a surprise that an engagement was soon on the horizon. Both Andy and I could not think of anything that would make us happier than to be married and to live our lives together and forever.

In February of 2016, Andy decided that it was time to get the ball rolling. He formally asked my Dad for his blessing over a Dayton basketball game and a few beers. Andy then carefully picked out the most beautiful engagement ring.
With careful planning with both sets of parents, Andy made dinner reservations for the two of us in Greenport Village for July 29, 2016. I came home from work, got ready for dinner and as we were about to leave, my mom asked us to take the dog for a walk to the beach. I started to rebel and was told that Andy had already agreed to comply. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled to do this after I had just done my hair! It was obvious as soon as I stepped out of the wooded path that led to the beach that there was an ulterior motive and that this walk was not just for my dog Gracie. On the beach hung a banner that was from Andy‘s home in Dayton “toasting unforgettable times with friends that turn into family”. Next to the banner was champagne on ice, two glasses and a small box. Andy had planned a photographer to be hidden in the dunes to capture the moment along with a few close family members.
He got down on one knee and repeated the words that started it all, “let’s do this”. It truly was a magical moment for both of us. As part of his planning, Andy was so thoughtful to invite our closest family and friends to my parents’ home to help celebrate this special occasion. We were so overwhelmed with love from our family and friends at the surprise engagement party.”

I have to say my heart melts a little more every time I read through that. Also a big thank you to my talented friend Sebastian for second shooting with me. Here are some of my favorites to share from their special day:


The talented vendors involved:

Venue: Martha Clara Vineyards

Caterer: Christopher Michael Catering

Florist: Blooms by Design

Cake: Baker’s Workshop

Band: Peat Moss and the Fertilizers

Videographer: Buds Palola Wedding Films

Transportation: North Fork Trolley

Wedding Dress: RK Bridal

  • September 19, 2017 - 8:26 am

    Vincent Barry - Dear Sherry,
    You and Sebastian did an awesome job. The photos are great. Love them.

  • September 19, 2017 - 5:37 pm

    Mike Killeen - Sherry,

    The photos are awesome! Really capture the manny blessed and fun moments of the day!


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