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Portrait Session FAQ’s

Your Family, as it is, perfectly!

You will get so much out of the session, but what you won’t get is some boring old posed portrait. It’s not what I do. Your images from my session will take you back to that day and moment. You will see real life, your life.  The session is about all of you being you –laughing, snuggling, playing, putting your feet up, throwing the biggest tantrum EVER, (kids only please), dancing, holding hands, or just rolling around being playful. It’s just you and your family as it is.

The sessions are casual and flowing.  I want you and your kids to be who you are everyday. Kids are kids. Families are families. And it’s as it’s meant to be. Perfect! Really!

Do you have a style?

I am a documentary photographer by nature. It is what moves me. I look for emotions and those subtle personal moments. I want people to look at my images and really feel something!

Describe your sessions.

I come to you. We can meet at your favorite park, your home or a special place your family enjoys which ever you prefer.  I want you to be some place that everyone feels comfortable. Bring toys to play with if we go to a park or the beach. If we are at your home I’ll just follow you all around while you do the things that make you all happy. Things you enjoy doing together as a family. This is supposed to be fun.

Will I get a “posed” family portrait if I’d like one?

Yes if you want one for sure. I usually start the session out with the quick camera aware photo so that we can get it out of the way and then we let the fun begin!

What should we wear?

Whatever makes you feel good! Just make sure your clothes blend, not clash. I want everyone to be comfortable and happy to be getting photographed. I’m not there to torture anyone. I want everyone to have fun during the session. Note: Muted colors and patterns work best. The combination of black and white together is really tricky to photograph in the sun. Click here for a Pinterest Board with some inspiration for you.

I am not sure my kid(s) will do well with a photographer. They are shy.

No kid will last for two hours of posing, but I don’t pose kids. I let them be kids., and I want you to try and keep up with them. I’m like a family friend that shows up to hang out with you all. We play, we chat! I know kids will be kids and we can take little breaks if needed.

And no matter what, parents, come ready to play! Enjoy the moment and be present, no matter the chaos! The best images come when the parents are just having fun, even if the kids are not. They’ll come around. Some parents are not such willing participants, and that’s ok too. Not everyone likes to have the camera right there, but my spirit and energy usually help even the most uncomfortable adults feel like naturals.

So, how much?

I charge $600.00 for a session which includes my shooting time and talent and approximately 75 downloadable high resolution images after the session. Additional $50.00 travel fee for anything off the North Fork past Riverhead, NY.

Sessions usually last about 1.5 hours plus or minus.